Sport Performance Management …. Excellence through integration

Sport Performance Management is a consulting business created to find solutions to your performance needs.

I have worked with dozens of sporting bodies and hundreds of coaches to identify and implement creative and innovative solutions for performance success.

Whether you are an individual athlete or coach, a club, a National Sporting Organization or a National Olympic Committee I work with you to identify the critical elements of success in your environment and then transform them into integrated solutions.

I focus on what I consider are the core elements of success in high performance sport:

  • COACH Development
  • ATHLETE Development
  • Strategically Managed COMPETITION
  • Sport Sciences/Sports Medicine/Technology Management
  • Daily Training Environment
  • Governance/Management

…to help you build a long term sustainable plan, that works for you in all areas of sport performance and organizational success.

Whether you are a sporting organization or a business seeking to improve performance in your field, make a breakthrough from “good to great” or provide a springboard to enter a new performance or growth phase I am ready to help you develop strategies for success.