MaryKleverMary Klever
Business Development Specialist

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Mary is responsible for overall business development, special project management and client relations. Mary will work side by side with you to ensure that your needs are well met.


Sarah McQuadeSarah McQuade
Massachusetts, USA

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Expert in designing and developing Coach Education and Coach Development Programs. Experience in strategic planning, facilitating individual and Group thinking and change management.


KatieKiltyDr. Katie Kilty
Massachusetts, USA
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More than 20 years experience working with professional organizations to improve performance through individual coaching and specialized program design and implementation.



SteveNorrisDr. Steve Norris
Alberta, Canada

Expert in Long Term Athlete Pathway Development (LTAD), Strategic Planning,  &Sport Sciences/Sports Medicine program design.




Jeff HowardJeff Howard
Colorado, USA

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Jeff has more than 20 years in media training, media relations and broadcast production, as well as national and international collaboration experience through sport.