Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If you work with so many countries how do you deal with confidentiality?
A. It is true Sport Performance Management has clients in many different countries (currently SPM has business in New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and the UK). The international sport world is a small world and integrity is critical to success for both you and me.

I respect and protect your plans, “trade secrets” and other confidential programs. I would not be successful if this wasn’t one of my fundamental philosophies and principles.

I always disclose to clients who I am working with and the nature of the work and discuss any potential conflicts prior to starting any new relationship. I never share confidential details between clients and work hard to maintain that position.

I am also happy to sign any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements that you may have, or include appropriate wording in your contracts or Letters of Understanding for confidentiality and/or non-disclosure.


Q. Do you require a formal contract in order to start work?
A. I generally have multiple conversations (email, phone and/or face to face) with clients in order to get a good feel for what is required. At that point we can either exchange a Letter of Understanding that outlines the nature of the required work, the timeline, how the project will be evaluated/or measured (in terms of successful outcomes), and fees.

I can either work off that Letter of Understanding and start from there, or if you prefer you can generate a formal legal contract.


Q. I see that you have a list of clients and a testimonial section on your website. Is it mandatory that you list all clients with which you work?
A. No this is entirely voluntary. At the completion of your project I will send you an evaluation sheet and ask you that you complete it honestly. I will also ask you at that time if you are willing to be listed as a client on my website. I will also ask if you are willing to provide a testimonial which we may list somewhere on the website (depending on available space). You can decline this if you wish.
If you agree to being listed as a client and/or provide a testimonial and if for some reason you later change your mind please let me know and it will be removed as soon as possible.