Sport Performance Management
is a company that specializes in finding ways for you to reach excellence in all areas of operation. This includes but is not limited to…

> Performance and Capability Audits
> Sport Sciences/Sports Medicine/Technology Management
> Integrated Support Team (IST) Management
> Gap Analysis and Strategic Planning
> Season /Program Debriefing and Strategic Planning
> Coach Recruitment and Development
> Conflict Resolution
> Special Project Management
> Review/Update Sport Policies
> Conference/Seminar Planning and Management

Performance and Capability Audits

Evaluation of all or some parts of your organization to determine how, what, when and why you need to adjust things in order to be more successful. This could include evaluation of staff and/or staff structure, working relationships, completeness of functions or departments, obstacles to success, positive and negative attitudes, contributors to dysfunctional procedures or operations… or other performance related factors.
Sport Performance Management has successfully evaluated performance factors and effected change management programs for single sports, individual teams and national sport programs.

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Sport Sciences/Sports Medicine/Technology Management

Whether it is through identifying areas of best practice, implementing cutting edge research and/or practice, developing programs and budgets based on gap analysis and real needs, or simply facilitating integration between various disciplines of Sport Science/Sports Medicine support, Dr. Davis draws on his years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist and his background as a builder and developer of Integrated Support Teams. This is a critical area of success in the modern world of international sport performance.

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Integrated Support Team (IST) Management

Having access to the latest technology and/or expert service providers is essential for success… but creating a well integrated and effective “support team” that supports coaches and delivers integrated services is difficult to create and manage. Dr Davis has built and managed ISTs in multiple sports in multiple countries and is well experienced in the needs and potential pitfalls of potential pitfalls of an effective and expert IST.

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Gap Analysis and Strategic Planning

Understanding the gap between you and your competitors is essential if you want to keep ahead of the pack… or catch up to the leaders. Sport Performance Management can help you identify critical
factors to understand the critical “performance gap”, collect the right data and use it to plan your programs for success. I help you understand what lies behind the “gap”, and translating that into strategically designed program elements that help you focus on what you really need to do to enhance success as a team or an organization.

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Season/Program De-briefing and Strategic Planning

Every successful organization conducts regular de-briefs …. the military calls them “After Action Reports” … they use them to learn from every successful and unsuccessful operation or project no matter how big or small.

Sport teams and organizations are no different. It is essential that you have an effective system and process in place to enable you to understand what happened and why and plan for the future
to achieve the performance goals that you want.

Sport Performance Management can help you set up a system to evaluate your programs, learn from them and plan for the future. Dr Davis has conducted and facilitated successful
de-briefs and strategic planning sessions for clients ranging from US Track and Field (Distance Running Group), to Canadian Speedskating to US Field Hockey.

It is often extremely difficult for some organizations to efficiently and effectively conduct a “self de-brief”. As an independent facilitator Dr Davis can help you identify the right process and the right stakeholders to get the answers you need to move forward with a successful plan.

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Coach Recruitment and Development.

Getting the right coach(es) to coach your athletes and build a successful national program is essential for long term success. Most successful sports start with this element and build from there. Sport Performance Management has extensive experience in recruiting national coaches in several countries in a multitude of Olympic and Professional sports and can help you identify your real needs and develop a process to find the right coach for your team or your athletes.

Coach recruitment is not only just about finding the biggest name with the best performance record… it is about understanding your “performance environment” and finding the best match for your environment and situation.

Once your coach or coaches are in place Sport Performance Management can help you develop best practice Coach Professional Development programs to help keep your coach/coaches on the cutting edge.

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Conflict Resolution

Identifying specific areas of conflict within your organization whether it be at personal stakeholder level or whether it’s between factions or departments within your organization or sport. Sport Performance Management can help you identify and resolve issues, create communication solutions and prevent small differences from becoming big obstacles to success.

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Special Project Management

From time to time “special projects” come up for which you don’t have skilled or experienced staff for that project, or perhaps you can’t afford to shift skilled staff away from core duties to manage projects effectively. Sport Performance Management can help you facilitate and manage these projects to a successful conclusion.

Whether this is Talent ID projects, special event planning, Olympic Planning or international tour and/or competition planning… or any sport or performance related project, Sport Performance Management can help you identify key issues and solutions to allow you to complete projects without compromising your other core activities.

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Review/Update Sport Policies

Sport Performance Management has experience reviewing and/or re-writing existing policies that may not be current with recent changes in the ever-changing world of sport. This could include team selection policies, Codes of Conduct, coach and athlete discipline policies or other policies important to performance success. Sport Performance Management has the experience to ensure that you are up to date and have covered all the issues.

Sport Performance Management is also experienced in writing national sport policies across a broad range of issues relevant to domestic sport policy.

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Conference/Seminar Management

Sport Performance Management has designed, managed and facilitated international multi-sport, multi-disciplinary and domestic single sport conferences in Australia, USA and Canada. I can help you plan
and run your conference to the highest level of planning and execution to ensure that you have a successful event. Whether it is Sport Sciences/Sports Medicine conferences or courses, National Coach
meetings, Professional Development seminars, or any other need, I can help you plan and execute a successful and practical program.
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